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Our Charlie

Our inspiration came from our precious little Charlie who we loved unconditionally despite his health problems. We booked our holiday at short notice and our usual cattery was fully booked, so we rang round the local area desperate to find a cattery with availability. We did find one and all seemed to be well when we dropped our cats off. Charlie had IBD (irritable bowel disease) and was fed a special diet and given medication every day to manage his condition. We also had two other cats that were healthy and so special care had to be taken as Charlie would always try to grab their food! When we returned from our holiday we were devastated to find out that Charlie’s supplied food and medication wasn’t given to him and he was gravely unwell. He never really recovered from his ordeal and we had to say goodbye to our beloved Charlie, which broke our hearts. We always said from that day on that we could do a much better job than the cattery we trusted with our Charlie. So here we are....our own cattery business named after our inspiration and as we are both cat lovers we promise to look after your cats as if they were our own.